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5 Paleo Recipes for Christmas

5 Paleo Recipes for Christmas

We love getting together with family and friends at Christmas time and being able to provide healthy paleo foods and snacks that everyone can enjoy is a must.

We've put together our favourite Paleo recipes for a primal Christmas. Although there are plenty more out there, these primal recipes are easy-peasy to make and come from the best paleo recipe creators our there.

Rumbles Paleo Christmas Cake

Rumble Paleo | Paleo Christmas Cake

Image Credit : Rumbles Paleo

The tribe over at Rumbles Paleo have given this Paleo Christmas Cake recipe a 10/10 for scrumptiousness. It’s dense, moist and non-paleo eaters would never know that all the ingredients are primal. All of the sweetness comes from the dried fruit with an optional extra to add the Brandy. 🎄

Luke Hines Paleo Choc Raspberry Bombs from Healthy Made Easy


Chocolate and Raspberries are two of our favourite things and Luke Hines makes this recipe look so easy. These Paleo Choc Bombs are from his Health Made Easy cookbook and don’t require any baking or fuss. 🍫

Live Love Nourish Paleo Cherry Ripe Smoothie Bowl

Live Love Nourish | Cherry Paleo Ripe Smoothie Bowl

Casey-Lee from Live Love Nourish developed this delicious Paleo recipe for us last Summer and it's made with Paleo Granola from Naked Paleo. Christmas is the perfect time to refresh this recipe with cherries now in season. 🍒

The Merry Maker Sisters Paleo Ginger Bread Cookies

Merry Maker Sister | Healthy Paleo Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Image Credit: The Merry Maker Sisters

The smell of warm cookies in the house is always a sign of Christmas for us and ginger smells delicious. Plus it’s also an anti-inflammatory spice. You can use which ever cookie-cutter shapes you like. The Merry Maker Sisters think these Paleo Ginger Cookies would make the perfect gifts too, if you don't eat them all. 🎁

Pete Evan’s Paleo Coconut Water Jellies 

Coconut Water and Berry Jellies

Image Credit: Pete Evan’s

This primal recipe is a summer winner. Pete suggests using fresh young coconuts but we think his Raw C Coconut Water would be the perfect substitute as it contains no nasties and is made with young green coconuts. 🥥

A Paleo Warehouse Platter

Paleo Warehouse | Primal Platter

We made this platter for Paleo eaters and non-primal eaters. Platters are one of the easiest options to cater for different dietary requirements. This platter features Kitz Living Crackers, a mix of cheeses and meats, with homemade tzatziki and guacamole. Other great options to include: Ella’s Wisdom’s Paleo Friendly Biscotti and the Cacao Boost Mix from Totally Nuts. 🌰

This month's Paleo Christmas Box is filled with paleo snacks for the Christmas break. Get the Box here or Gift the Box to someone special.

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