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Is it Paleo? | Ecobars

Is it Paleo? | Ecobars

Five Facts About Cricket Powder and Ecobars


Protein: While Ecobars are a portion controlled raw energy bar as opposed to a protein hit, the cricket flour contained is a superfood everyone should have on their plate. Starting with crickets being the most efficient protein creators on the planet. Known as a ‘complete’ protein, containing all the essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) that the human body needs for muscle development. A single cricket contains approximately 70% pure protein in contrast to beef which is a mere average of 30%. In layman terms, cricket flour is the crème de la crème of the protein world.


Vitamins & Minerals: Outcompeting some of our healthies options, cricket flour is packed with iron, vitamin B12 and an abundant of other vitamins and minerals. Cricket flour contains twice the amount of iron than that found in spinach and is in a more easily absorbed form for the body. While vitamin B12 helps to increase energy and combat fatigue. Cricket flour contains ten times the amount of B12 than salmon! So why not chomp down an Ecobar!


Environmentally Sustainable: Due to current livestock farming practices, this industry is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. On the contrary, farming crickets is far more sustainable for our future. crickets grow from egg to adult in approximately eight weeks feeding on organic tapioca, sunflower seeds and rice husks with on demand filtered water, a cleaner diet than any. Crickets emit a slice of the greenhouse gases than cattle, including one tenth the amount of methane, requiring substantially less land and less water.


Delicious: While the thought of eating crickets may turn your stomach these babies are a staple all around the globe. Westernised countries are starting to encourage entomophagy. Once you’re over the ick factor going back for more of the six-legged snack is common, they just taste like almonds. The three flavours of Ecobars are the first to hit Australian shores. Teaming ground crickets with the likings of mango, orange, cacao, spirulina, chia, beetroot and raw nuts. Curious?


Happy Energy: A popular use for Ecobars is for post, during and pre-workouts sessions. Many athletes, practicing a paleo lifestyle have replaced standard energy gels with the likes of an Ecobar. Reviews from Ecobar customers have said that Ecobars leave the stomach feeling relaxed, settled and an overall feeling of energy and rejuvenation with no nasty aftermath. Often stating they feel a slow, sustainable release of energy. Making these babies LOW GI. Winning!

What do you think? Is it Paleo?


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