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Is it Paleo? | Pea Protein

Is it Paleo? | Pea Protein

Is pea protein Paleo?

This month in the primal box we are featuring Health Labs vegan paleo friendly protein balls, containing these honest natural ingredients: Dates, Cashews, raw Cacao, Coconut, coconut oil, sea salt, carob and Pea Protein.

Pea protein seems to be controversial when it comes to being paleo friendly or not, but technically it's compliant and a good source of diary free protein if diary is off limits for you and your body.

Mark Sisson believes it's not the best source of protein and you would be better to get your protein from meats, but he also says that no protein powder is perfectly paleo. Head over to Mark's Daily Apple for his break down on paleo protein powders.

Irena from Eat Drink Paleo agrees with Mark and believes we should try to get our protein from forms other than powders. Her blog on Paleo protein powders elaborates that although pea's are legumes they are generally allowed on the Paleo diet because they "contain lower and less toxic anti-nutrients than other grains or mature legume."

Our conclusion is that it's Paleo Friendly and perfectly acceptable as a booster after or before the gym in the form of a deliciously natural snack - like the Choc Brownie Balls from Health Labs. 😋


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