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The 4 Ingredient Paleo Pancake

The 4 Ingredient Paleo Pancake

The 4 (ish) Ingredient Paleo Pancakes with Protein Supplies Australia and 11:11 Cacao Nibs

These pancakes are such an easy go to breakfast pre or post workout. They are even great to roll up as a snack for the kids after school. These paleo pancakes are so easy because you just pop all the ingredients in the blender, wiz and then cook for a couple of minutes. We love adding Almond butter and rolling up. We've added 11:11 Coffee Cacao Nibs to ours for some added antioxidants and a bit of crunch but you can add blueberries or raspberries. Both the Protein Powder and Cacao nibs are in the August Paleo Box.


3-4 Pancakes


1 Egg

1 Banana

1 tablespoon of Protein Supplies Australia Powder

1 tablespoon of coconut or almond milk


1 hand full of 11:11 Coffee Cacao Nibs


1. Place all ingredients, except nibs/blueberries in blender, blend until combined & fluffy

(We used a NutriBullet)

2. Pour mix into medium saucepan, place nibs/blueberries on top and cook for 1-2 minutes or until golden.

3. Serve with 100% natural maple syrup & organic coconut yoghurt.

This recipes is from our friends over at Protein Supplies Australia, head on over to their website and check out their Paleo product range plus other great Paleo recipes.

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