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The August Box

The August Box

Hunt no more! Gather no more! This months August Paleo box has enough snacks to get you through the last month of winter. The box is jam packed with 8 delicious products including bars, salad topper and Paleo protein from Protein Supplies Australia. Our favourite product in the subscription box this month is Mumma Raw wraps. A Paleo wrap which can be used for almost anything. 


Mumma Raw Wrap | Paleo Wraps

1. Mumma Raw Wrap - 1 Sample

You won't believe your eyes. This raw bread rolls into beautiful wraps. But that’s not all! It’s super versatile. Use them as sushi hand rolls, soft-shell tacos or finely shred and sprinkle them on your salad. Cut into small squares, they are perfect for canapés. Put them in the oven and turn them into delicious crackers as aperitifs! Even toasted, it's delicious!

To purchase a pack of 5 wraps visit Mumma Raw's website.

Pukka Tea | Paleo Tea's

2. Pukka Tea - 3 Satchels

Pukka create delicious teas and incredible wellbeing supplements, helping you discover a healthier, happier life. Created by our master herbsmith Sebastian Pole, we only use the finest grade organic herbs sustainably sourced and fairly traded. We’d love people all over the world to benefit from the power of plants.


The Haus of Health | Paleo Salad Toppers

3. The Haus of Health - Salad Toppers


In this Sassy Salad mix, The Haus of Health have selectively combined the savoury flavours of Organic everything! Pistachios with Walnuts, Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds and added in a healthy serving of Goji Berries to tantalise those tastebuds.

To see the other salad topper flavours visit The Haus of Health.

Naked Paleo | Citrus Berry Paleo Bar

4. Naked Paleo - Berry Citrus Bar

Pretty in pink!

This zesty bar is fresh and fruity making it the perfect summer snack time saviour.

Naked Paleo want to share their love for food with more people and hopefully make healthy choices that little bit easier. They believe You should be able to enjoy food everyday without the worry of what has been added to it.

Stock up on this zesty bar from Naked Paleo.


 G. Luxe Glow Bar | Paleo Snacks and More

5. g. Luxe - Glow Bar

g. luxe is an everyday luxe, healthy, wholesome, Australia made muesli and snack bar range.  Created by Nutritionist, Georgina Middleton, all g. luxe goodies are gluten and dairy free (some Paleo friendly, vegan, raw and fructose free), but most importantly, they are made with ingredients that are whole, natural, packed with goodness and incredibly delicious!
Visit the website for more paleo goodness.
Protein Supplies Australia | Paleo Protein

6. Protein Supplies Australia

No Whey! Our Paleo Pro is a truly Paleo-friendly, high protein source, containing no dairy, no legumes & no grains. Our 100% all natural egg-white protein powder is single-sourced, delivering a medium-rate digestion, allowing a steady sustained-release of amino acids.

Crafted using reverse osmosis as a concentration step, PaleoPro contains all the naturally present minerals & vitamins, as well as a high biological quality similarity to whey proteins. As well as being an ideal choice for anyone following a Paleo lifestyle, PaleoPro is an excellent alternative to whey protein when lactose intolerance or milk allergies are an issue.

Buy in bulk or try Protein Supplies Australia's other flavours.

11:11 Coffee | Paleo Cacao Nibs

7. 11:11 Coffee - Cacao Nibs

Well know for having delightfully balanced flavour with subtle fruity and floral notes and hint of acidity.


- Cacao is rich in essential minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium,  phosphorous, potassium and zinc.

- Amazing source of antioxidant 

- Full of vitamins

- High in fibre and protein

- Lower cholesterol and blood pressure 

- Excellent option for diabetics, vegans and people with dairy and gluten free intolerance 

Gather your nib supply from 11:11 Coffee.

Kooee Jerky | Paleo Beef Jerky

8. Kooee - Mountain Pepper Berry

KOOEE! crafts jerky with 100% grass-fed beef, raised on the lush, windswept pastures of Tasmania. Inside there’s no gluten, no soy, and nothing artificial - just all-natural jerky.

Check out some of their other flavours on the Kooee website.

Be sure to share your paleo creations with us and let us know which snack/product was your favourite this month.

Get the Box here.

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