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The December Christmas Box

The December Christmas Box

We can't believe it's December already. The Christmas season is always tricky to navigate when you are following the Paleo lifestyle. There are lots of treats around to tempt you, making you feel guilty.

This month we wanted to give you a range of Christmas themed products to help you stay on track and keep your tummy and you feeling great.

We are really excited to feature a Queensland brand Totally Nuts- in the box we have their Cacao Boost Mix and a new healthy Nutella- Hazelnut and Cacao Spread. 

In the December Primal box we also have a never-before tasted chocolate cookie sample from the tribe over at Rumbles Paleo. It will be available early next year to buy but for now you can have a taste test.

Blue dinosaur recently launched their new snack sized paleo bars with some delicious superfood flavours, açai, expresso and passionfruit for immunity.

We hope this festive primal box will keep you inspired to eat well over the Christmas break.

1. Totally Nuts - Cacao Nuts and Nut Butter

Cacao Boost Mix | Shop Paleo Activated Organic Nuts and Butters


The organic activated Cacao Boost Mix is designed to lift both energy and mood. Activated nuts and seeds provide protein and quality fats to keep you going in a busy day, while the cacao nibs, cashews and pumpkin seeds provide natural mood enhancers and ramp up the anti-oxidants. Sultanas provide a little sweetness to balance it all off!

Check out all the activated nuts and butters online at Totally Nuts

2. Blue Dinosaur - 2 x Super Bite Paleo Bars

Blue Dinosaur | Paleo Bars and Snacks


The Blue Dinosaur Paleo Super Bites are an opportunity to focus on the health benefits for the everyday snacker. What specific superfood benefits can be brought to your day? Whether it be energy from Espresso and MCT oil or Antioxidants from the Matcha, Barley Grass and Spirulina bite, The primal bites have specific superfood ingredients to assure that, even with a crazy hectic lifestyle, you're still getting your daily intake of greens, or antioxidants or energy.
Shop the 5 different flavoured Paleo Super Bites from Blue Dinosaur.

3. GH Produce - Granola Bar

Gh Produce | Paleo Granola Bar


These delicious nutrient dense baked granola bars are a great healthy alternative to your standard sugar and preservative full muesli bar. They are loaded with high quality ingredients and textures and makes them like no other bar on the market. The addition of QLD grown cassava flour and quinoa flakes turns these bars into a great pre workout or on the go snack, that will give you the sustained energy you need to get you through the toughest workout!

Organic extra virgin coconut oil, quinoa flakes, cassava flour, organic coconut palm sugar, Western Australia honey, Western Australia macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, organic dates, currants, organic desiccated coconut, organic pepita seeds, organic cacao nibs, organic popped amaranth, organic chia seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, lemon juice, Australian sea salt, organic vanilla powder.

GH Produce range of Paleo friendly products is available online.

4. Foodie Fee - Orbs

 Foodie Fee | Paleo Balls, Snacks and More

100% organic, this orb is a delicious mix of rich raw cacao, crunchy activated almonds and finished with a hint of tahini. A definite favourite!

Our organic almonds are activated. This means they have been long soaked and then slowly dried at very low temperatures. This process allows anti-nutrients (such as phytic acid) to be neutralised leaving the almonds easier to digest.

Foodie Fee have a few different flavours of Orbs to help you to better health. 

5. Raw C - 1L Coconut Water

 Raw C | Pete Evans Coconut Water

Coconut Water by Raw C is pure hydration, keeps potassium levels up, healthy vitamins and minerals, and with a great PH balance. No FAT No Cholesterol! It is living food for a living body and its purpose is our mission.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Coconut water, (No added sugar, no preservatives, no funny stuff, and not from concentrate)

 Raw C have an expanding range of coconut based products online.

6. Qi Tea - Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Qi Tea | Organic Green Tea

There is no jasmine in Qi Tea’s Jasmine Green Tea. Why would we take the jasmine out of jasmine tea? Because that is actually the way it's meant to be.

Qi Jasmine Green Tea is prepared according to ancient Chinese traditions, where the jasmine flowers and tea are laid out on separate trays and the jasmine scent is gently absorbed by the tea. With no physical contact between the jasmine flowers and tea, Qi Jasmine Green Tea maintains its natural sweetness and rich scent, rather than the bitterness synonymous with some mainstream jasmine teas that include jasmine leaves and/or flavouring.

7. Ella's Wisdom - Paleo Biscotti

 Ella's Wisdom | Paleo Biscotti

The biscotti are a great Xmas treat that work perfectly as a sweet or as a complement to cheese platters. The notes of spices like cinnamon and ginger are a perfect match with the caramelised raisins of the biscotti, we challenge you to stop at one.

 Shop more of Ella's Wisdom Paleo Friendly Products.

8. Rumbles Paleo - Pete Evan's Double Choc Chip Chindii Cookie

Rumbles Paleo | Choc-Chip Chindii Paleo Cookie
Yum! Brand new sneak tasting of the Pete Evan's cookie. A delicious sample of the Double Choc Chindii’s. Made with carob and chunks of Rumbles 70% Dark Choc Rocks.
Other ingredients include sunflower seeds, organic shredded coconut, Australian honey, pumpkin seeds, Organic coconut oil, tahini, free range egg, sesame seed, coconut flour, chia seeds, Himalayan salt.
Cookies are nut free, dairy free, gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free.
Rumbles Paleo have a range of primal cookies and snacks available online.

Get the Box here.

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