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The February Box

The February Box

The February Box is filled with Australian Paleo products to help get you through the month. This month is influenced by home baking and smoothie making. Try a Turmeric latte and a homemade Paleo muffin or bake the Cricket bread recipe on our blog.

We are super excited to be working with Zoe from Wild Blend and  with a special Heal'r recipe.

Heal'r | Paleo Turmeric Spice Blend

1. Heal'r Turmeric Spice Blend

Lead by Michael and Victoria: two food enthusiasts based in Melbourne, Australia. Tinkernicks are passionate about developing delicious healthy, organic and fairly traded snack foods. Using top-quality, organic wholefoods, with delicious flavour combinations. You won't find any fillers, preservatives or additives in any of their snacks.

Visit heal'r to stock up.

Coconut Magic | Paleo Bars and Snacks

2. Coconut Magic Bars

Coconut Magic of raw bars contain as much premium organic virgin coconut oil and coconut flower nectar that we could pack, as well as organic coconut chips to give it that crunchy coconut flavour that customers rave about.

Perfect as a health snack and for a boost of super food energy.
Gluten free, wheat free, dairy and soy free. Our raw bars are naturally sweetened and contain no added sugar, emulsifiers or preservatives.

Made in Australia from natural ingredients and nothing else added.

Buy in bulk and save on the Coconut Magic website.


Grilo | Paleo Crickets Protein

3. Grilo Cricket Protein


In the dictionary, it’s a brown or black insect that makes short, loud noises by rubbing its wings together. For us it means much more than that. Crickets are the food of the future. Not an alternative, but a solution for our environment and the future generations.

Grilo Drive me Bugs is an organic protein powder made of whole crickets. Crickets have 69% protein, all the essential amino acids and are packed with vitamins and minerals to support your metabolism, help your body fully recovery and keep your energy levels up. Grilo Protein has no added sugar, no preservatives or flavourings.
Head to Grilo's website to find out more.

The Chia Co | Chia Seeds

4. The Chia Co - Chia Shots:

At The Chia Co, we produce Australian Grown chia seeds that are bursting with fibre, omega 3 and protein. They guarantee the high quality nutrition in each chia seed as we sustainably grow it ourselves in the pristine Kimberley Region of Western Australia. We bring chia to you in its simplest form, pure, clean and sun ripened.

Find a stockist at The Chia Co website.


 Monica's Mixes | Paleo Muffin Mix

5. Monica's Mixes: Muffin Mix

Gluten free, nutrient dense, wholefood, pizza base mix. 

Makes 2 pizza bases. Ingredients are gluten and grain free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, and nut free. The pizza mix is a carefully formulated combination of natural and organic ingredients to give you a hearty flavoursome base for your favourite pizza toppings.

Why not make a batch of pizza bases and par bake for 15 minutes and pop into the freezer for a quick stand by meal. Gourmet pizza's make perfect canapes and you can also adapt the mix to make focaccia.

You can purchase more of these yummy bake mixes on Monica's Mixes website.

Inner Raw | Paleo Bar

6. Inner Raw Paleo Bar

Inner Raw Co. is an Australian owned brand with a love for health, fitness and the outdoors. Our Paleo Bars are handmade from 100% organic ingredients that taste great, are nutritious and provide pure energy without any of the junk.
Buy them by the box over on the Inner Raw website.

Be sure to share your paleo creations with us and let us know which snack/product was your favourite this month.

Get the Box here.

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