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The February Valentines Paleo Box

The February Valentines Paleo Box

Happy Valentine Paleo Clan.

As Valentines is usually all about chocolate we've created a loved up box filled with healthy Paleo chocolate and foods to help calm and relax you all month.

1. Pumpy Jackson - Coconut Bar

Pumpy Jackson | Paleo Chocolate


Pumpy Jackson have created a creamy Paleo chocolate using 100% natural ingredients: Pumpy Jackson has only 3.4% naturally occurring sugars, most of which comes from the Almonds. That’s 91% less sugar than equivalent dark chocolates sweetened with sugar cane, agave, maple or coconut nectar.

Check out all the Paleo Chocolate flavours online at Pumpy Jackson

2. Naked Paleo Coffee Cashew Bar

Naked Paleo | Paleo Snacks and Bars

Fellow coffee lovers… no need to despair when your morning cuppa has been and gone! We’ve sourced the finest organic coffee beans and perfectly paired them with organic cashews to create a creamy coffee treat that will carry you through the day. No barista required.
Shop more from Naked Paleo. 

3. At One - Mint Bar

At One | Paleo Bars

At One Cacao Mint Energy Bars are packed with antioxidants and magnesium for the ultimate endurance energy and the right balance of protein and carbohydrates for muscle recovery.

Best used by athletes towards the end of your endurance race or training session.  Use daily for maximum benefit.

Fuel your passion. At One

4. Health Lab - Brownie Ball

 Health Lab | Chocolate Paleo Balls

Here to help busy babes thrive in the modern world! These balls contain a bucket load of mood boosting and energy enhancing ingredients, that also help lower stress levels. Talk about a triple delight! Grab as an on-the-go booster and guilt-free chocolate hit…

View the whole Health Lab Snacks.

5. Rebe Mylk - Chocolate

Rebel Chocolate Mylk

Rebel Kitchen manufactures a range of dairy free coconut mylk drinks, made with love.

Available in a variety of unique flavours, these mylks keep it real made with simple ingredients, direct from nature.

They are suitable for vegans, those following a paleo diet, and are gluten, nut and soy free. They also contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives.

6. 99th Monkey - Turmeric Powder

99th Monkey | Turmeric Powder

99th Monkey’s exceptional nut butters and spice blends are handmade in Melbourne, using all ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients in the belief that delicious food should also be good for your health and good for your planet. Spices are Wild grown and hand harvested by the people of Timor Leste.

7. Utonic - Calm

Utonic | Calm

Designed to relax your body and alleviate feelings of anxiety. The key ingredients in utonic® calm are sour cherry, containing natural melatonin that is known to aid in restful sleep, and decaffeinated green tea, containing l-theanine, which research has shown to reduce anxiety. These ingredients are combined with chamomile and passionflower, which are also known to aid in relaxation and calming.

Utonic have 3 flavours all designed for different needs.

Get the Box here.

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