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The March Nutty Box

The March Nutty Box

Our March box is extremely nutty this month with a focus on Almonds.

We are a little bit excited to be featuring Barney's Nut Butter from California, it's completely peanut free, certified Paleo Friendly, Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. 

Plus we have a delicious apple and activated walnut snack from Kitz Living Foods and our favourite bar from Naked Paleo.

1. Barney Nut Butter - Crunchy

Barney Nut Butter | Paleo Nut Butter


Crunchy. Classic blend with a crunchy kick. Old school style.

The “original” Barney Butter with a crunch. Just as classic peanut butters come in crunchy, so does Barney Butter. Now there’s no excuse not to venture to the almond butter side. 

Paleo Friendly
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2. Naked Paleo Almond Bar

Naked Paleo | Paleo Almond Bar

The original baby. The Cacao Almond Paleo Bar is your answer to chocolate cravings. Perfectly paired with your morning cuppa or used to avoid that mid-afternoon slump.
Shop more from Naked Paleo. 

3. Kitz Living Foods Apple and Walnut Bites

Kitz Living Foods | Paleo Snacks and More

Activating raw walnuts takes away the bitter aftertaste that walnuts sometime retain. Mix them with apples, sultanas, raw agave and cinnamon it creates an apple pie flavour that will have you craving second serves. This chunk is a great snack but also delicious served over coconut ice cream! Made with activated nuts! Dehydrated below 47°C for optimal taste and nutrition.

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4. Health Lab - Salted Caramel Ball

 Health Lab | Paleo and Vegan Snacks

Here to help busy babes thrive in the modern world! These balls contain a bucket load of mood boosting and energy enhancing ingredients, that also help lower stress levels.

View the whole Health Lab Snacks.

5. Keto and Ko - Ginger Supplement

Keto and Ko | Keto supplement drink


Keto and Ko's brand new gingerbread blend, with a hint of Cinnamon and Nutmeg. This sweet and spicy Coffee Creamers is amazing to add to your favourite coffee or tea with added benefits of MCT oil powder and grass fed collagen
You can find out more on the Keto and Ko site.

6. Totally Nuts - Activated Almonds

Totally Nuts | Activated Almonds

Almonds are one of the most popular nuts, being tasty and flavoursome and with the highest protein of any nut. They are also extremely versatile, being used in many types of cooking, from Mediterranean to raw to wholefoods, as well as delicious and satisfying as a snack on their own.

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