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Why I went Paleo

Why I went Paleo

I'm Jess founder of Paleo Warehouse and this is why I went Paleo.

I always considered myself healthy, but in my early 20's I started getting Bartholin cysts and had to have two operations!

After the second operation wasn't successful I decided that I didn't want to put my body through any more stress. It was at this stage that I started speaking to naturopaths and learning about the chemicals we put into our bodies and that food can affect the way you feel.

My brothers were going to a CrossFit gym and had been introduced to the Paleo diet. At first I thought this diet was crazy and couldn’t see how I could possibly live without pasta. I tried it for 30 days and the first 2 weeks were difficult. During this time I felt like I had no energy, but after about 3 weeks everything started to settle. I wasn't bloated anymore, I had more energy, I didn’t have acid reflux and my cysts have never returned.  

In the first 2 weeks of starting the whole30 I read a lot of books and blogs, in particular Marks Sisson’s Daily Apple Blog and The Paleo Solution by Rob Wolf. I also started following Nom Nom Paleo for Paleo Recipes, which got me excited about cooking and trying new things, like cauliflower rice and zucchini pasta.

"Since going Paleo, I haven’t looked back."

I'm not sure if I know this is as good as it gets but the positives I see and feel by following this lifestyle, stops me for looking for more. It really is about listening to your body and I can’t see living my life any other way.  

I follow an 80/20 Paleo diet. This is because I find my body can still handle small amounts of diary or rice without discomfort. I've also found by making this diet 80/20 it removes the stress of not being able to eat certain foods and it doesn’t stop me from trying new things and being social. 

Although weight loss was not my goal, I did lose 5kg and have maintained a healthy weight over the last 5 years. I don't bloat or have acid reflux anymore. My energy levels have increased to allow me to focus on other passions in my life, such as yoga, hiking and cooking. My skin is great and hardly ever breaks out. My hair also grows quickly and feels healthy.

It's not always peachy. It can be hard to follow when you are travelling, at work or living a busy lifestyle. Which is why I always like to have paleo friendly snacks and products readily available to avoid snacking on foods that are only going to make me feel unwell and uncomfortable.

I'll be honest though, I'm not perfect. I still have a sweet tooth and it can be hard to say no to dessert or cakes, especially when you have been invited out to someone's house for a birthday or someone from the office brings in morning tea.  

I started Paleo Warehouse with the hopes of creating a site where you can find great Paleo Friendly products and also try new Paleo snacks every month. As the Paleo Lifestyle grows there are so many new products coming on the market. I believe it is a very exciting time ahead. At the end of the day a Paleo Lifestyle is results driven and you can't help but want to share feeling good.



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