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We are a clan of hunter-gathers on the prowl for tasty Paleo snacks and products.

Every day new produce is hitting the markets and it can be hard to find the perfect Paleo friendly snack not to mention time consuming and pricy.

Let us do the hunting and gathering for you and simply have the best hand picked Paleo Box delivery to your cave every month. 

We don’t just recommend any products, these are tried and tested by our clan before we take the leap and share them with you.

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Meet Jess our Founder

Paleo Warehouse Founder | Jess Laird

I was prompted to try Paleo in my early 20's. I started getting cysts and had to have two operations. After the second operation wasn't successful I decided that I didn't want to put my body through any more stress. It was at this stage that I started speaking to naturopaths and learning about the chemicals we put into our bodies and that food can affect the way you feel.

I tried it for 30 days and the first 2 weeks were difficult. During this time I felt like I had no energy, but after about 3 weeks everything started to settle. I wasn't bloated anymore, I had more energy, I didn’t have acid reflux and my cysts have never returned. 

It's amazing to see this primal way of living growing and I just love finding out about all the new paleo products on the market and sharing them with Australia.

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