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What is Paleo Warehouse?:
Paleo Warehouse is a monthly subscription snack box and online store. Each monthly snack box will consist of 5-8 Paleo products.


How does Paleo Warehouse Work?:  
You sign up for a subscription plan for the month ahead, we post your box to you at the beginning of the month and you discover 5-8 Paleo friendly products. You'll usually receive your box mid month. We also send boxes on the 21st of each month for those orders placed between the 5th and the 20th of the month.

What’s Inside the Paleo Warehouse Box?
Inside the box you can expect to find a range of Paleo friendly snacks and products.


How much does it cost?:
The box is $39.95 a month on a monthly plan, but you can select other plans which are outlined on the subscription plans page.


How does billing work?

Monthly to Month Plan: Each month you'll be billed on the same day you subscribed

3 Month Plan: You'll be billed every 3 months on the date subscribed.

4 Month Plan: You'll be billed every 4 months on the date subscribed.

6 Month Plan: You'll be billed every 6 months on the date subscribed.


What is the dollar charge in my account?

Our payment gateway verifies credit cards by running either a $0 or $1 authorization and then automatically voiding it. For most processors, Visa and MasterCard are initially tried with $0 authorizations. Because some card types (like AmEx and Discover) don’t consistently support $0 authorizations, they are only tried with $1 requests. In any instance where a $1 authorization returns a successful result, we immediately follow up with an automatic void request to ensure that the transaction will disappear from the cardholder's statement as soon as possible. At the latest 7-10 days.


When is the monthly deadline?/When will I receive my first box?:

Our monthly cut off it the 20th of each Month. You'll receive your first box early to mid-month.

Where and how do you ship?:
We post Australia wide, using a Australia Post and Fastway Couriers. Unfortunately we cannot send our boxes to PO boxes.

How can I cancel my subscription?:

Simply log into your account and follow the prompts. You must cancel before the end of the month if you do not wish to receive your box the following month. This also applies for suspending the subscription.

How do I receive a refund?:

Paleo Warehouse does not offer refunds or partial refunds on the subscription boxes or box products. We will accept returns on faulty goods. Please see our returns policy or email for more information.
Can I sign up for just one box?/How do gifts work?:
Yes, we offer a single box for $39.95. If you select the gift option there will be a one off charge. If you select the gift option on any of subscription plans it will not auto re-new.


How do I know the product is Paleo?

We do our absolute best to work with brands and products are 100% Paleo. The products we include in the box are our interpretation of what Paleo lifestyle includes. The Paleo lifestyle can be interpreted in many ways and we leave the choice to you. Add or omit products that you do not seem fit for your Paleo diet. We are not nutritionists and all information and product provided is formed from our opinion only.

We always recommend that you read the label before consuming. 

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